The bridegroom interrupts the wedding and acknowledges that he loves someone else

For many people, their wedding day is the most important day in their life, full of special moments, excitement, love and tears of joy. The same happened when a young couple of Portuguese origin went through the emotions of their wedding ceremony, especially since their declarations of love were very special.

The bridegroom interrupts the wedding and acknowledges that he loves someone else

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For Jessica and Jefferson, the wedding ceremony was a joyful event, and everything went according to the script until it was time to exchange vows. Jefferson turned to his bride and told him something that no one expected: namely that he loved someone else. Nevertheless, his statement made the wedding day much more beautiful.

No one knew what was happening when Jefferson knelt before an eight-year-old, sweet little girl named Giovanna, the bride’s daughter. The bridegroom knew that he not only wanted to promise to love Jessica all his life, but that he would love and protect her daughter too.

Jefferson listed all the things he would do from now on as the little girl’s father and confessed to her that he is proud to have such a beautiful, intelligent and sweet daughter. Jefferson looked into her eyes and promised he would always be there for her just as for her mother.

Giovanna took the microphone and thanked her new father with tears in her eyes. The little girl can be sure that Jefferson will be there for her and her mother for as long as they live, and her parents’ wedding will certainly be one of the most beautiful memories in her life.

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