Bride Sings ‘Look at Me’ as She Walks Down the Aisle – VIDEO

The bride’s walk to the altar, where a man with whom she will spend the rest of his life is waiting is one of the most exciting moments of the marriage ceremony. The bride in the video has prepared for her wedding with a special musical moment that touches the groom so much he can’t help crying.

Bride Sings 'Look at Me' as She Walks Down the Aisle - VIDEO

Photo: Capture YouTube

Arianna Pflederer wanted to provide a wonderful surprise to all guests, and especially her future husband, who is waiting at the altar with great excitement. She sings the song “Look At Me” originally performed by Carrie Underwood.

The beautiful bride slightly modified the text of the song to express what she feels and the things that bind them the most. Ryan, the future husband is overwhelmed by emotion and can’t hold back his tears.

Arianna wanted to keep the family tradition, remembering that her mother also sang on her way to the altar. This special moment was appreciated by the guests, and it will certainly remain a special memory for a lifetime.

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