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This boy started to comb the hair of his dog. By the time he was finished, we couldn’t believe our eyes!

If you ever decide to adopt a dog of the Samoyed breed, you should know that its fur is very difficult to maintain. These dogs shed abundantly when seasons change, and after a brushing you will find that you have removed a pile of hair the size of a minor snowdrift. Watch the video if you’re not convinced.

comb the hair of his dog

Sam, a Samoyed, enjoys all the attention of his master, who lovingly grooms him with a brush and removes surface tufts. Underneath this coarser hair, the fur of the dog is soft and dense.

You may be taken aback by the pile of hair that grows with an alarming rapidity as Sam is brushed, but this is as normal as possible. The excess hair growing on Samoyed dogs must be removed regularly, as it tangles easily especially around the ears and on the feet.

The name of this breed of dogs comes from the Siberian Samoyed tribe. They were domesticated more than 3000 years ago and were used to guard reindeer herds or to pull sleds. Beside the Alaskan malamute, the husky and the chow-chow, the Samoyed is among the oldest and purest breeds known today.