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Boy singing blues in a guitar shop like nobody else

There are many talented children in the world, but very few have the good fortune of being noticed. Many children who draw nicely, play the piano well or sing beautifully at a young age are never going to develop their special skills because they are not supported and pushed forward.

Kid Sing The Blues In Guitar Shop Like It's Nobody's Business!
Photo: Capture YouTube

In the video recording below a very talented boy, Brandon McFarlane interprets the blues song Just Another Day by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers. The setting is a music shop where a man is trying out a professional guitar. He starts playing a song and the boy joins him singing.

The boy sings the well-known song like probably nobody else at his age. It sounds as if he was born with the talent of singing blues, mastering its special nuances. His sense of rhythm is perfect and the timber of his voice is very bluesy. The shop assistant first can’t believe his ears, and he’s very astonished that this young boy can sing like a pro. After a while he stops the guitar player and asks one of his colleagues to record the singing.

Only those can sing blues well who can feel the deep-set meaning of the songs. This boy sings like a professional blues singer who has already had countless performances. If he continues singing, he may have an amazing career.