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Biertan, the village out of fairy tales

Biertan possesses an almost surreal beauty, which makes it look as if it came right out of a fairy tale.

Biertan, the village out of fairy tales

The village is situated in Sibiu County in Romania, and it is on the list of the most preferred locations visited by tourists besides places such as Bora-Bora or the Seychelles Islands. The village is one of the oldest German settlements in Romania, and it is situated among hills south of the river Tarnava Mare.

Situated at 72 km from the town of Sibiu, the village has become well-known to tourists because of its fortified citadel with a church inside. The village is featured in a local legend according to which spouses who fought a lot and wanted to divorce were locked off in a room in the citadel, and they were given a single spoon and fork, one table, one bed and one chair, so they were forced to bear each other’s presence continuously. The result was that in 300 years only one divorce took place in the village.

Biertan, the village out of fairy tales

Whether the legend is true or not, the village possesses a very impressive beauty. Journalists from Cosmopolitan describe Biertan as the village that looks as if it came out from a Walt Disney movie. This village is on the 9th place on the list of top 22 surreal places in the world, preceding places such as Santorini, the PhiPhi Islands in Thailand, Dubai or Bora-Bora.