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The best ideas on how to use aluminum foil in various household chores

Often little tricks will make our chores easier, and they may even help us solve some serious problems.
Whether you use it for packing or cooking, aluminum foil saves you from a lot of trouble and proves a reliable aid in any household.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

1. Grab a piece of aluminum foil, roll it into a ball and use it to effectively remove fat burned onto your grilling oven.

2. Place a sheet of aluminum foil onto the ironing board and cover it with a cloth. As a result, the iron will glide smoother and your clothes will be ironed on both sides at once.

3. The batteries of the remote control have just died on you, and you only have smaller batteries? Nothing simpler to solve! You can use a piece of folded aluminum foil to close the circuit.

4. Is it difficult to move the furniture around the house? Aluminum foil is useful in this case as well. Simply wrap the legs of chairs or cabinets in aluminum foil to make the moving of furniture a very easy job.

5. When you fry bacon, the resulting fat can be collected in a basket made of aluminum foil for an easy disposal.

6. You can shape an instant funnel out of aluminum foil to pour fuel into the tank of your car.

Of course, the list of tricks which are based on aluminum foil doesn’t stop here. We are waiting for new ideas in order to complete the list!