A do-it-yourself bench made from three old chairs

Garden furniture is not exactly cheap during the summer season. If you would like to find an affordable and yet very unique solution, here’s a great idea.

Who wants to have the same bench, table or parasol as the neighbor? Of course those might be enviable, but some of us want to have unique furniture. If you are creative, you might feel like starting on this project at once. It looks great, it is very unique, and very easy to make.

If you have three chairs at home that you don’t use anymore, you will have an easy job. All you need in addition is a strong wood board for the seat and several slats for the frame. Place the chairs side by side, measure the board and cut it into the right size.

Then remove the front legs of the chairs and fasten the seat with the aid of glue and screws. Next, fasten back the front legs. You can make an armrest if you want the bench to be more comfortable.

Paint it in a color that matches the rest of your garden furniture, and your new bench is ready!

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