Ballet was her world, but she was left without a leg as a result of an accident. Watch how she shines on the stage!

A terrible accident caused this adorable girl lose a leg. However, this fact didn’t discourage her, and she continued, with considerable efforts and the support of her family, to follow her dream – to dance again in front of an audience.

One and half years ago, Alissa Sizemore played with her friends when a garbage truck passed by to pick up the containers in the street. The truck hit her so badly that her leg needed to be amputated at the knee.

Alissa enjoyed the continuous support of her parents during her convalescence, and she was explained that she has remained the same sweet and lovely girl, and she has to keep following her passions and dreams. Thanks to her prosthetic leg, she is able to walk almost without any problems; moreover, she can dance like a little ballerina. In the video, she demonstrates her talent in front of an audience for the first time, and she is rewarded with huge applause.

She is dancing as if nothing has ever happened to her leg, and her gracious movements perfectly harmonize with the beautiful song “Try” playing in the background. In the second part of the extraordinary dance, Alissa removes her prosthetic leg and, her face radiating with happiness, continues to dance in a very original way.

After this extraordinary dance, Alissa has gained full trust in her abilities and probably no obstacle will seem unconquerable to her. Children sometimes may have the strength and determination to keep ahead and firmly believe that everything will be all right, and Alissa is a great example. The video will leave you speechless for sure.

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