Baby kangaroo gets a bath and a blow dry

In one of BBC’s Natural World episodes entitled “Kangaroo Dundee and Other Animals”, we have the opportunity to see how a baby Australian kangaroo is bathed. The way it reacts to the batch will surely make you smile and will touch you at the same time.

Hope is a baby kangaroo who doesn’t particularly like to be bathed, but as it is receiving a really special treatment, it gets more and more comfortable. The caregiver covers the little kangaroo in suds, and gently massages its belly, supporting its body above the water in the bathtub.

The gentle massage calms the baby kangaroo. The bath leaves its fur clean but it needs to be thoroughly dried. The next step is the one the kangaroo likes the most, namely being dried with a hair drier. If until now the baby kangaroo was nervous, now it becomes very well-behaved, as the warm air coming from the hair dryer has a comforting effect. The baby kangaroo appears to be quite calm when placed in the bowl of the scale. It is still very small, weighing below 2 kg, but it is growing steadily.

Such video recordings reveal the reactions of animals in unusual environment, but also demonstrate the affection of animal lovers towards these wonders of nature.

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