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Avocado, the most valuable food in the world

Good news for guacamole lovers. Avocado improves eyesight, reduces the risk of a heart attack and cancer, and it helps preserve body weight as it prevents the depositing of fats. Because of its multiple benefits, avocado has gained the title of the most perfect food in the world.

Photo: Wikimedia.org
Photo: Wikimedia.org

It helps losing weight

Avocado contains fats, but those who consume avocadoes regularly are thinner. Their body mass index is less than those who don’t eat avocadoes, according to a study published recently.

It reduces the risk of heart attack and diabetes

During the same research it has been discovered that metabolic syndrome is rare among avocado consumers. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome are considerable abdominal fat deposits, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low HDL (good cholesterol) level and high triglyceride level.

A younger skin and fewer wrinkles

Foods high in carotenoid such as avocado reduce the aging process of the skin and they protect against UV rays. A diet rich in green fruits and vegetables reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Photo: Flickr.com
Photo: Flickr.com


An interesting study has proved that persons who ate hamburgers with avocado had lower inflammation factors and blood vessel reactions within two hours than those who ate traditional hamburgers. Chronic inflammation can be the reason for many illnesses, and it is indispensable to eat fruits and vegetables with anti-inflammatory effects.

It probably protects against cancer

Avocado contains substances that help fighting cancerous cells. According to studies, these substances attack only cancerous cells and don’t cause any problems in healthy cells. During research at a university in the United States it has been discovered that avocado extract will stop the spreading of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, because such experiments are conducted in laboratories, researchers are not entirely positive about the anticarcinogenic properties of avocadoes in the human organism. Nevertheless, the positive effects of this fruit are uncontestable.