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The Atlantic Road in Norway is one of the most spectacular routes in the world

Even though the forces of nature are not easily tamed, people have proven over time that they can erect great buildings and other architectural masterpieces. One example is the Atlantic Road, with an unusual shape and in a spectacular location, which has gained second place among the most visited tourist destinations in Norway.

Dangerous Norway's Atlantic Ocean Road

Lying on the West coast of Norway, the Atlantic Road connects the cities of Kristiansund and Molde for a distance of 5.1 km, and it merges into Highway 64 across the country. It has a full length of 8274 meters, and it’s the most spectacular tourist attraction in the region.

Anyone taking a trip along this exceptional achievement of Norwegian builders will be impressed by the scenery, the spectacular uphill-downhill journey and the series of bending viaducts, dams and bridges washed by the huge waves of the Norwegian Sea.

The construction of the asphalt road began in August 1983 and lasted for six years (about 1.5 km per year). This construction also connects several small islands where one can capture unusual images. Much of the road is made ​​up of several dams, seven bridges and four places where tourists can capture sensational images.

Weather along this coast is highly unpredictable and the transition from the bright sun to gloomy clouds and even snowfalls is often unexpected.