He asked her to stand up and touch his forehead. What followed surpasses any imagination

Richard Jones attended the “Britain’s Got Talent” with a performance that left the jury speechless.

Richard is 25 years old and considers himself a magician and mentalist. He stepped confidently on the scene of “Britain’s Got Talent” and told everyone that his biggest dream is to be noticed by the Queen of England.

Richard began his performance by asking for permission to approach the desk of the judges. When his request had been accepted, the judges had a moment that seemed to come from another dimension.

The young man showed the four judges two notebooks with names of drinks and celebrities written in them. The first judge who agreed to get into the magician’s game was Amanda Holden.

She was asked to open the notebook with the names of personalities and memorize a name, but not to show it to anyone. To make things look even more mysterious, Amanda was asked to touch the competitor’s forehead with her finger. When Amanda did so, she felt a small electric shock.

What followed is beyond any imagination. Watch the video below to see how this sensational performance ends:

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