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Analyze your doodles to find the job perfect for you

Are you tired of your job? Do you feel that you’re not quite satisfied with the tasks you perform day by day? Analyze your doodles and find out what kind of career would be the best for you.

Source: Pixabay.com
Source: Pixabay.com

Drawings, just like dreams, give an insight into the subconscious, and they will help you to become conscious of your dreams and desires, some of which you might not dare to admit even to yourself. Analyze your doodles and find out what job is the most suited for you.

Faces and Eyes

This means that you are particularly interested in human nature and want to better understand your fellow human beings in order to be able to help them. Work that may be right for you: teacher, psychologist, mediator, campaign manager, physiotherapist, speech teacher, HR manager.

Geometric figures (squares, triangles, circles, etc.).

Based on the opinion of experts, you are a logical-minded person who mostly uses the left side of his or her brain. You are smart and detail-oriented. You are a natural organizer, and your mind is perfectly suited for a job where multiple tasks need to be performed. Great jobs for you: dentist, dental hygienist, doctor, lawyer, accountant, event planner.

Hearts, Animals

Drawing such beautiful things reveals that you are full of love – not only for your family and friends, but you would like to embrace the whole world. You know your goals perfectly, and you are willing to take your work home if you have to, especially when you know that you can help others with your unselfishness. Work that may be right for you: veterinarian, guide dog-trainer, primary school teacher, social worker. You are also suited for any voluntary work.

Flowers, plants

Drawing flowers indicate that you are optimistic and have great potential for success in anything that is related to creativity. You’re romantic and resourceful, and you mostly use the right side of your brain. Your dream jobs can include: chef, photographer, interior designer, stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist, writer, blogger, or any work that is related to the arts.

Your name or your initials

You are strong and confident. You’re not afraid to be yourself, even if others do not like it. Whatever you do, your own unique approach directs your actions. Work that may be right for you: yoga or aerobics trainer, editor, life coach, life management counselor, marketing manager.