Have you ever seen an alive headless fish?

The video below is pretty incredible, and it is not a fake, as the recording proves it. Have you ever seen a headless fish? For sure. And one that is still alive more than half an hour after you cut off its head? If you have never seen such a thing, now we’ll show you one.

Have you ever seen an alive headless fish?

Photo: YouTube

A woman was cleaning the fish meant for dinner when an incredible thing happened. She cut off the head of the fish, cleaned it, and the fish was still alive, moved and struggled.

The woman had never seen such a thing in her life, although she often made fish for dinner. She quickly called her husband to show her the unimaginable sight. They were so surprised that the headless fish was still alive that they quickly recorded it and shared the video.

The unusual recording has already been watched by nearly 9 million people.

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