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An Incredible Transformation! The Effects of Three Liters of Water on the Body

The Daily Mail journalist tried out the effect of raising her consumption of one liter of water per day to three liters per day. The change depicted in photos is amazing!


Sarah Smith used to drink about one liter of liquids per day. She struggled with serious headaches and digestion problems, until finally she visited a neurologist to discuss what she could do to get rid of these symptoms. The doctor advised her to drink three liters of liquids per day.

After having read an article that stated that in Great Britain every fifth woman drinks less liquid than the recommended intake per day, the journalist decided to submit herself to an experiment, and find out what the results would be if she actually drinks the recommended amount of liquids.

To stay on the safe side, she asked her family doctor whether it was certain that drinking too much water wouldn’t cause any problems. The doctor encouraged her, and advised her to drink a jug of water in the morning, at noon and before going to bed in order to make her kidneys more active.

The photos show the incredible transformation caused by the abundance of fluids. Based on her experience, the journalist recommends the experiment to every woman; obviously, a doctor should be asked first.