An assembly of 25,000 colorful domino pieces collapses in a charming visual spectacle

Every time we watch this unique video we remain speechless. The painstaking work of strategically placing as many as 25,000 dominoes exactly in the right spot so not even one of them is missed seems like an absolutely superhuman task.

In the video below, the collapse of thousands of colorful or transparent dominoes give a magnificent spectacle. When a new segment of rows or contraptions start collapsing, we hold our breath fearing that perhaps not everything will go as planned, and then we take a deep breath when we see that another section is gone according to the plan, the little pieces all have fallen where they were supposed to, and have dislodged a new segment in some unexpected way.

The transparent ice-like dominoes, combined with colorful ones, make the models very showy – until now, the creators only used colorful pieces. The video actually leaves you with a bittersweet feeling, as in a few minutes the work of several months is destroyed, and only the unforgettable memories remain behind.

These masters of the dominoes won’t stop here for sure. They will find new colors and ideas to create even more complex displays of domino art.

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