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An ancient Japanese practice to cure a large number of diseases

It’s a belief originating in eastern cultures that the human body’s energy paths run across the whole body. A disease is likely to occur when the energy flow encounters an obstruction which, if not dissolved, may cause a major health problem.

An ancient Japanese practice to cure a large number of diseases
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Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese healing art that aims to cure these energy obstructions. With the aid of our fingers, we can stimulate specific points on our palms in order to stay calm and balanced, find mental and physical harmony and re-establish the balance within ourselves and with our surroundings.

This ancient self-healing method was rediscovered and studied in depth by Jiro Murai Japanese master about 100 years ago. According to his philosophy, our body is able to heal itself if we find and dissolve the energy blocks, and help that invisible force once again to be able to freely circulate in our body.

This technique is in fact an inborn instinct which anyone can learn. In can be mainly observed in children who suck their fingers, thus restoring their own energy balance and soothing themselves. However, as time passes, they forget these capabilities, especially because they are trained not to use such self-healing techniques. What would be your opinion about an adult who is sucking on his or her finger in the street?

If you press certain points on your palms for a few minutes, you activate a total of 144 energy functions connected to your various organs.

Now let’s see which finger you should stimulate in order to eliminate negative feelings that might make you ill.

1. The thumb – The treatment of anxiety. Also, by holding a finger on your thumb, you can overcome insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, stress and anxiety, and can handle prolonged sitting better.

2. The index finger – The treatment of fear. Pressing it also relieves toothaches, backaches and muscle pain as well as constipation. It stabilizes the energy of the kidneys, and improves the health of the entire urinary system. You will be better able to do work on your feet.

3. The middle finger – The treatment of anger. Also, pressing this finger lowers blood pressure, helps people suffering from fatigue, improves vision and eye health, and restores emotional balance.

4. The ring finger – The point of anger management. Pressing it also treats coughs, respiratory diseases and skin diseases, and recovers the energy of the lungs and the colon.

5. The pinky – The point of management of effort. In addition, its stimulation strengthens the heart, prevents abdominal bloating, and can improve self-confidence. If you have to walk a lot, you might want to keep a finger on this point.

6. The center of the palm – the treatment of fatigue.