An amazing gymnastics routine by Daria Vladimirovna

At the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Montpellier held in Russia, Daria Vladimirovna impressed both the judges and the audience with her performance. Her performance is another proof that talent, spiced with plenty of exercise, is able to wonderfully unfold the potentials of the human talent.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

During the show, she proved not only her athletic, but also her acrobatic and artistic talents. Her flexibility and precision, with which she is able to catch the ball from any angle, are particularly noteworthy.

The pirouettes and ballet steps, requiring great self-discipline, convinced the jury to reward her with very high marks, and, as a result, she won the silver medal. Daria is a good example of how sport, talent and persistent exercise can result in a world-class performance. Love and passion for gymnastics is clearly reflected in her performance.

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