There has always been a close relationship between humans and horses, but what this young woman does is beyond words

The horse is a symbol of courage, grace and speed, and is considered nowadays as the most faithful companion of humans. With their impressive stature, will, docility and sometimes restlessness, horses always impressed people who wanted to have a relationship based on trust and respect with them. The scenes captured in the video speak for themselves.


This young woman demostrates that if we understand the psychology and behavior of a horse, we make a first step to create a relationship based on trust and respect without even a sound uttered. Bjorge and Menor, the two horses accompanying her, are now able to respond to the affection that the girl demonstrates towards them.

A proverb tells us that there is no closer relationship than that of a horse and his rider. Body language and body movements are essential for these animals to express their affection for humans. Horses express affection for man when trust and respect are present in their relationship. No horse will respond positively if we use coercive tactics.

Horses feel safe when the rules always remain the same and they know what to expect. If we set appropriate limits and rules, our horse will be a willing partner and will promptly answer every time.

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