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Aloe Vera, the miracle plant that heals burns, detoxifies the body and maintains a youthful skin

Aloe Vera is probably the most complete plant that exists on our planet, and it has been used for thousands of years because of its miraculous effects on both health and beauty.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Along with onions, garlic and tulips, Aloe Vera belongs to the lily family. The name of this plant comes from the Arabic word “aloeh”, which means “crystalline and bitter sap.” The most nutritionally rich variety of the plant family is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. The gel found inside the leaves contains over 200 active compounds, which make this plant one of the most complete nutritional supplements. Taken daily, Aloe Vera gel works wonders, cleansing and strengthening your body; used externally, it accelerates the healing of wounds by increasing the rate of cell regeneration six to eight times compared to average.

Aloe Vera regulates metabolism, detoxifies the body including the intestinal villi, and it has an antiseptic effect. Aloe Vera is very effective in the treatment of burns and wounds, and it nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the skin, maintaining its youthful appearance.

For thousands of years, Aloe Vera has been considered a magical medicinal herb, being known and used by all the great civilizations of the antiquity. The ancient Egyptians worshipped in the plant so much that they even included it among the gifts at the pharaohs’ burial.

Today, Aloe Vera Barbadensis is grown on hundreds of thousands of hectares in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America. The plant grows up to 1.2 m tall, and its fleshy leaves can reach up to 1.5 kg each.

Christopher Columbus stated: “There are four plants indispensable to human life: wheat, grapes, olives and aloe plant. The first one feeds, the second one brings joy to the heart of man, the third one brings harmony, and the fourth one makes you healthy.”