After several attempts, he manages to rescue the puppy from the sewer. Her reaction? Unbelievable!

On a seemingly peaceful day, volunteers at the association “Hope for Paws” received a phone call to let them know that a stray dog has sheltered itself under highway 105. The volunteers went immediately to the scene and searched the area, but they didn’t manage to track down the dog easily.

After much searching, they found her asleep, so they slowly took a few steps back to make sure she wouldn’t wake up. Determined to save her, Lisa Chiarelli grabbed a net used to catch animals, and quietly approached the abandoned puppy. Unfortunately she woke up, got scared and ran away as fast as she could, taking refuge in a nearby sewer mouth. Now it was impossible for the rescuers to catch her.

Once they have covered the exit, Eldad Hagar tried to catch the dog with a special noose, which she introduced from the other side of the sewer. The whole operation was very difficult because every move had to be made carefully. The little animal was very close to the drain pipe, and she could have fallen in at any moment.

After prolonged efforts the little dog was caught, but she wasn’t willing to leave the very tight place she squeezed herself into, so they needed to put another noose on her to pull her in the right direction. Also, Lisa had to actually push her whole body into that narrow space. The dog was finally pulled out, but she was extremely terrified.

When the dog calmed down, Lisa fastened a collar on her neck and baptized her Leah. It’s amazing how the now quiet dog enjoyed the comforting of her rescuers. She visibly began to feel safe.

Before the volunteers from “Hope for Paws” left, the family that fed Leah for two months came to meet them. After that, the little dog was taken to the veterinary clinic where she received much needed care, and especially affection, which she had missed enormously. Surely it will not be long until Leah will find the home of her dreams!

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