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After 30 years of marriage, this man knew perfectly well that his wife deserves a special surprise

A marriage, in which love, friendship and harmony always find their place, deserves all admiration. When two people truly love and cherish each other, the moments shown in the short movie may occur at any time, and each partner can surprise the other one when he or she expects it the least.


Rick and Stacey recently celebrated 30 years of marriage, and, obviously, they decided that it had to be properly celebrated. Helped by friends, Rick Stacey arranged for a mega surprise, and he used the street of all places to stage it.

It all starts with an invitation to the restaurant; on the way, Stacey is greeted by friends who each give them a red rose, adding up to a bunch of thirty roses. In front of the restaurant they are greeted by a group of people who interpret for the wife a dance to the rhythms of the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

The highlight of this exceptional moment is marked by the renewal of the couple’s vows, and the one who performs the ceremony is no other than their son Andrew – a moment that brings a very special shine into everybody’s eyes.

The ceremony is crowned with a romantic kiss and a warm embrace, and the hope that the couple will have the opportunity to celebrate even 30 years from now.