Are you afraid of pesticides in fruits and vegetables? Here’s how to remove them effectively

Lately we hear more and more about the fact that fruits and vegetables exported from several countries are full of pesticides. Therefore, the reluctance with which we buy fruits and vegetables is completely justified, because when we decide to buy them we must think about our health.

We come to your rescue by disclosing a trick that you must try in order not to be stressed when you go shopping, and to be sure that everything you eat is healthy.

Pour 5 liters of water and 500 ml of apple vinegar into a bowl. Place the fruits and vegetables you have just bought into the bowl and leave them there for 15 minutes. Remove the fruits and vegetables from the pot and rinse them well with water.

Congratulations, you have just removed all traces of pesticides or bacteria!

Apple cider vinegar kills 98% of bacteria and pesticides that are found in fruits and vegetables. This way, the fruits and vegetables that you eat from now on will be healthier for your body.

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