Acacia flower jam recipe

When it comes to sweets, most of us think of our grandmothers, whose pantry was always full of delicious sweet treats such as jams, jellies and canned fruit. Jam made of the flowers of the acacia tree is one such delicacy. It is not complicated to make; you will need 1 to 1.5 kg flowers, 2 kg sugar and 3 ripe, zesty lemons.



Clean the flowers by removing the tiny stalks, leaves and insects, which will leave you only with the petals. Wash the petals thoroughly in cold water, and then strain them. Pour two liters of water into a pot and add the skin of the lemons. Cook until you obtain a syrupy consistence, and then take out the lemon peels and add the thoroughly strained petals. Boil up the water, and then add the zest of the lemons, making sure that no seeds get into the mixture. Cook the jam for 20-30 minutes; it is ready when a drop of it solidifies in cold water. The color of the jam will be golden, similar to that of honey and the taste will be very honey-like too.


Pour the hot jam into sanitized jars, seal the jars and hold them upside down for 5 minutes. Then wrap them into warm blankets and leave them to cool off. You have just made a wonderful delicacy!

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