A young couple decided to film their wedding day from the dog’s perspective. The result is absolutely charming!

One of the most important events in the life of any couple is definitely the wedding ceremony, which nowadays is fully recorded on camera. Usually a professional cameraman is invited to such an event, but this time the cameraman’s role was taken over by the family dog, with a GoPro special camera attached to his back.

In November 2014, Addie and Marshall Burnette decided to get married, and the ceremony was held on Roan Mountain in North Carolina, USA. Because they wanted to preserve the priceless memories of their wedding day, they commissioned Ryder, the family dog, to record it.

As the preparations for the wedding began, Ryder started circling curiously, unaware that the event will be immortalized from his perspective. He also went up the mountain with the bride and groom and the guests, and although it was very cold, the magic winter landscape made a perfect scenario for the wedding of the two nature-loving young people.

Later, Ryder walked among the guests and allowed to be petted and embraced by those who loved him most. Their happy faces are reflected in the objective of the camera, and the images captured are very special. Although looking at the video for long can make one dizzy due to the fast movement of the energetic dog, it is a wonderful way to remind the couple of the beautiful day!

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