A video clip featuring newborns – probably the most touching one ever seen

In an adorable video clip, two twins embrace each other while taking their first bath. This bath is not an ordinary one, as it is administered by a maternal assistant, and it is designed to imitate the very conditions the babies got used to during their time in the womb. The video has been watched by over 16 million people so far.


The technique called “Thalasso Baby Bath” has been invented by Sonia Rochel, a 51 year old maternity medical assistant from Paris, and it simulates the conditions babies have been used to before being born.

The twins in the video were only a few days old when their time in the bath was captured.

The maternity assistant says that this technique can be used only with babies less than two months old, and no parent should ever attempt to try it out at home.

You’re invited to watch the video clip above, which is a great demonstration of the fact that life is full of everyday miracles.

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