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A VIDEO about how deaf persons react when they first hear sounds

Most of us can’t even imagine what it may be like to live our lives in complete, utter silence. In fact, sometimes we might even envy deaf people, because they can’t hear yelling, screaming, cursing, or the earsplitting noise of traffic.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

On the other hand, we should feel sorry that deaf people can’t hear beautiful sounds either. They can’t listen to the sounds of the forest, the trilling of birds, lovely music, or, what’s probably the most regrettable, the voice of their parents.

The video below presents some wonderful moments, when deaf children and adults are first able to hear the voice of their beloved. Some of them become so touched that they can’t help crying.

We might think that hearing impaired children, or even adults, may get scared when they first hear sounds; however, the video proves that they only become surprised first, and soon they start looking extremely happy.

It’s interesting to watch how a crying baby calms down when she hears the voice of her mother. It’s also very touching to see somebody hearing himself or herself speak for the first time.

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