A very special street performance by father and daughter

A street performer brings his daughter with him. When you hear them singing, you remain speechless.


Street artist Eduard Pazhik and his daughter Marianna are admired and often applauded by passersby because of their very special performance.

In the center of Krakow, Poland, a father and very young daughter are singing opera. At a given moment, the little girl starts singing much louder than her father, drawing everybody’s attention.

The little one is still pushed around in a stroller, but this doesn’t mean she’s not able to help her father. Passersby are delighted by the performance of this unusual duo, and they reward them with donations and lots of applause.

In this day and age, we often meet people who live a difficult life; nevertheless, they try to earn a decent living in the way they can, without recurring to obscure or dishonest means.

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