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A train arrives at the station … but what happens in the next 7 minutes is downright amazing

Every day, no less than 323 high-speed trains carrying 400,000 passengers depart from the Tokyo station. So far, there is nothing unusual; however, the fact that a team of a few people can make a train flawless in looks and from a hygienic point of view in just 7 minutes is really fascinating.

Photo: Capture YouTube
Photo: Capture YouTube

Every day, a team of Japanese railways employees have the task of cleaning trains in the station. As we see, courtesy is always present among the Japanese; they always greet each other with due respect.

On cue, the whole team rushes into the cars and in just 7 minutes they collect garbage from the bins, remove dust from window sills and tables, and make the floors clean and shiny.

It is impressive that a mere activation of a button can fold benches so as to make space between them for a thorough cleaning.

We should also note and admire the civilized behavior and respect for public goods which is so typical of the Japanese in the workplace and beyond.

Once they have carried out the mission which lasted almost seven minutes, another task awaits the cleaners with the arrival of the next train in the station.