A talented street artist enchants the audience with a completely unexpected performance

It is said that music is a means for universal communication, and it has the power to overcome differences between people and even to bring them together. Whether it is rock or classical music, the effect is the same, because any kind of music reaches to the heart and makes us look at the world around us differently.

Street performers often use their talent in incredible and unexpected ways. Many of them interpret musical passages with a great voice, and they often prove to be exceptional instrumentalists.

One day, passersby in the area of the Plaza de Canete, Chile, had the opportunity to listen to an interpretation of great virtuosity on classical guitar by a very talented street artist. They recorded some incredible videos featuring this guitarist, who charmed them with his extraordinary talent.

The passion and dedication of this man charms us at once. Moreover, he demonstrates his virtuosity as he lifts the guitar over his head and continues to play.

Although street musicians like this man are a fairly common sight in the streets of Latin America, there are only a few who have such talent. The guitarist from this video, by the name of Vargas, proves remarkable interpretative skills and he is capable of an outstanding performance.

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