A real hero that saved the life of thousands

In March 1993, the East Indian Mumbai was shaken by 12 explosions. The series of terrorist attacks claimed 257 dead, and 713 people were injured. But, at the same time, the tragic events made a positive hero rise to fame, too.

The police’s bomb squad team had a Labrador named Zanjeer, who discovered 3 additional bombs shortly after the explosions, thus preventing further bloodshed. During his career, the dog discovered 3329 kg explosives, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 live bullets, all meant to take lives. This way, the Labrador indirectly saved the lives of thousands.

In 2000, the dog succumbed to bone cancer at the still young age of 8. At his public funeral, huge crowds saluted him. The leading politicians of the city expressed their appreciation of the dog’s extraordinary bomb search skills, and high rank police officers called him a colleague who died a heroic death.

A senior police officer lays a floral wreath on Bombay's most famous dog 'Zanjeer' who worked with t..

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