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A Police Dog’s Touching Farewell from His Companion and Best Friend

Jason Ellis was the head of the drug department at Bradstown Police. The 33-year-old officer, who was also a husband and a father, was laid to rest on May the 30th, after having become the victim of a gun fight: on May 25, 2013, he was trapped and brutally killed in a premeditated ambush.


The deceased policeman’s canine partner was allowed to keep vigil with the officer’s immediate family.

“It was very touching to see that the dog wouldn’t leave his master’s side in the funeral parlor. He spent the whole evening lying by the casket. When the casket was going to be moved in the morning, the dog gave a sharp whine and then let his master be taken away”, a family member said.

The entire Bradstown considers Jason Ellis the town’s hero, and he was saluted by his colleagues and the people of Bradstown in a 20 mile long funeral procession. His wife could only say the following words at the grave: “He was a special family man. He loved our sons. He loved me. I thank God that I’ve met him and he was a gift for me.”

When the mourners bade a final farwell to the deceased, his faithful companion, Fido, a German shepherd, with whom they formed an inseparable duo, put a paw on the casket, and said goodbye to his beloved master as well.