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A mother shows why tidying up a house never ends … adorable!

A tidy house and toddlers are an almost impossible combination. Every housewife loves to have her house clean and tidy, but this is easier to be said than done, especially when a one-year-old whirls through the house like a tornado, dislodging everything in their path. A brave mother decided to share some of the funny situations she faces daily.


When there are small children in a home, it is impossible not to encounter scenes similar to the ones in the movie. For little ones, mess is a way of life just as much as cleanliness is the law for housewives. And because mothers are usually the ones whose duty is to tidy up things in the house, if they have a “help” like this adorable little girl, they will never finish what they need to do.

As we can see, this mommy is very diligent about putting clothes in drawers or in the washing machine, but her daughter is just as skillful in taking them out and spreading them all over the house. Even toys have the same fate. The mother wants to collect them from the carpet, but her little girl lets her know she doesn’t appreciate that. It seems that she finds it more appropriate to have colored cubes at every footstep on the carpet.

Children are happiest when playing around in the house or in the yard. They always experiment with water, leaves and even earth. Even a spoon and a bowl of food are used for messy play, and soon there will come the time when the little one will really need a bath.