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A love story that traveled around the world

Love knows no borders. It also overlooks social status, religion and even visible handicaps. A US couple has proved the truth of this statement, and they touched the whole world with their love story.

It all started with a war

The couple’s love story starts with a sad scene: the Afghanistan war. Jesse Cottle was one of the less fortunate soldiers in the war. He was injured during a mission in 2003, but managed to survive the bloody attack, when a bomb exploded right at his feet.

A miracle instead of a tragedy

Jesse’s life has become a nightmare after the injury; however, in less than a year, his smile was brought back by Kelly, a young woman who changed his life and soon became his wife.

Jesse and Kelly fell in love at the first sight a year after the young man had the terrible accident.

Many people look at them in wonder, but they are very happy together, and couldn’t imagine living without each other. They live like a perfectly normal couple, and they managed to overcome every obstacle, proving that love is about the heart, not about appearances.


Their story touched the whole world

Jesse Cottle and his wife Kelly managed to move the whole world with their love story after they had a family photo session. A tender moment between the two, when Kelly holds her husband in her arms, was showed to the whole world on the Internet, to prove what true love means.

‘It was an ordinary photo session. I was standing beside my parents when the photographer told him to take off his artificial limbs and asked all of us to go into the water. My husband jumped on my back, and then Sarah said she wanted to take some photos of the two of us’, told Kelly, who is delighted by people’s support and the many messages she received after the photo was posted on Facebook.