A gigantic gold anniversary present

Instead of offering a conventional gift, Phillip Derthick decided to surprise his wife, Marie, with something special on their 50th wedding anniversary. The idea for the present was given, as he had done something like that before: he loves creating artwork on their large farm fields. Therefore, he thought he should do something on their cornfield situated in Mantua, Ohio.

Phillip Derthick01_resize

Derthick modeled their wedding photo into the 17 hectare field, and the result left not only his wife, but the whole world in awe. Surprising as it sounds, the portrait has been planned for months, but was executed in a single day, probably due to the fact that the couple’s children gladly helped in creating it.

The Derthick family gladly accepts visitors, and they organize group tours on the site. If you’re lucky to visit the creation in person, their address is 5182 State Route 82, Mantua, Ohio.

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