A father asks his daughter to sing for being recorded. Her performance is simply adorable!

A genuine native talent will show up as early as the infancy. This is also true of little Claire Ryann Crosby, aged three years, who sings with an extraordinary naturalness, and enchants us with her loveliness and innocence.

Little Claire lives with her family in Utah, USA and is dearly loved by her parents, who actively encourage her to pursue her passion for music. One day, the girl’s father asks her to interpret in front of the camera the song that she likes most.

The reaction of the little one is quite surprising, because she insists to dress up like a princess before going in front of the microphone and singing the song “Part of Your World” from the Disney animated film “The Little Mermaid”. Wearing a lovely blue dress and a matching ribbon in her hair, the little girl puts on the headphones and begins to sing without any hesitation.

The happiness on her face after she sings the song is absolutely touching. She does a little jumping and pirouetting, convinced that her father liked her interpretation very much. She really wants to be sure of her talent and wants an authoritative opinion from her father. Wonderful!

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