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A drink that removes deposits from the walls of blood vessels

We can hear a lot about complications caused by harmful cholesterol such as circulatory problems and heart disease, as when deposits form on the walls of blood vessels, they may block the free flow of blood. The result may also be hypertension.

There are synthetic drugs developed to fight these illnesses, but because of their toxicity they often will cause more harm than good. Pomegranate juice, on the other hand, is a natural panacea that effectively protects from cholesterol being deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

Experiments testing the benefits of pomegranate juice have been performed more than 10 years ago, but interestingly, the results are still kept secret.

The truth is that the amazing active ingredients in pomegranate could save the lives of millions of persons suffering from heart disease, but the interest of medical companies is that people remain ignorant of this. Pomegranate fights heart and circulatory diseases, and, in addition, it acts against 100 various diseases.

Of course, this fruit is the most useful in healing blocked blood vessels: regular consumption of pomegranate juice for a year will reduce the thickness of plaque deposits on blood vessel walls by 30 percent. So if you drink pomegranate juice for one year, the most possible cause of death will have been reduced by 30 percent; that is, you will have 30 percent less chance to die of a heart attack and stroke, and the chance of developing these diseases, which can cause blood vessels to clog, will have also been reduced.

A drink that removes deposits from the walls of blood vessels
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Experiments confirmed the amazing effect of pomegranate juice. If these results had been discovered in relation to a traditional chemical, the study would have become a world sensation by now. In contrast, the fact that a 3-year pomegranate cure reduced the thickness of the plaque layer in the blood vessels by 60 percent in patients aged between 65 and 75 years is not considered such an extraordinary discovery. Why is that?

Pomegranate juice contributes to lowering lipid peroxidation, so no more peroxide-free radicals are formed. A significant reduction of these free radicals is detectable within 3 and 12 months. Besides, bad cholesterol is reduced by 58 percent in those people who regularly drink pomegranate juice.

The study notes that consumption of pomegranate juice should not exclude taking medication prescribed by your doctor; instead, pomegranate juice can be used as a supplementary drink.