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A Drink that Can Defeat Cancer

A cheap, fast and simple drink that is extraordinarily beneficial for our health

The Chinese have enjoyed The Miracle Drink (apple, beets and carrot juice) for decades in order to stay healthy.

‘A man, Seto, suffering from lung cancer received the advice to consume this drink for three months. The expected result happened: he was cured from his disease.’

The beverage is wonderful, and very easy to prepare. All we need is a beet, a carrot and an apple. Wash the ingredients, cut them in cubes and blend them together; then, add some water to the mixture and blend again. We can enjoy it right away.

The benefits:

– it prevents the formation of cancerous cells
– it prevents diseases of the liver, kidneys and pancreas, and cures ulcer
– it vitalizes lungs, prevents heart attacks, and lowers high blood pressure
– it strengthens the immune system
– in enhances vision
– it soothes muscular fever
– it has a detoxifying effect, it invigorates bowel functions and helps against constipation
– it cures acne and makes skin look better
– it fights bad breath
– it lowers pain
– it doesn’t have any side effects
– it is very nutritious and absorbs quickly
– it helps weight loss
– it strengthens the immune system in two weeks

When and how much to drink:

The three ingredients and water should make a 250 ml drink.
To achieve the optimal effect, drink two servings per day.
The morning serving should be consumed an hour before breakfast, the evening one after 5 p.m.