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A daily dose of this spice will make you lose weight much efficiently

There are so many, countless diets and weight loss methods, and there are people who would do everything to lose some weight. It’s worth getting acknowledged with cumin, which, besides being a tasty spice, is a very efficient weight-loss agent.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Cumin reduces blood pressure, triggers the detoxification of the liver, has a good effect on digestion, prevents retaining water, and prevents certain skin diseases.

According to scientific research, cumin also triggers weight loss and it reduces the level of bad cholesterol and the mass of body fat. With its aid, we can prevent diabetes and the onset of certain cancerous diseases. Cumin ensures the optimal functioning of the immune system and destroys harmful bacteria in the body.

Most people who struggle with extra weight also have high cholesterol level, a faulty immune system and/or heart and circulatory diseases. During a research in Iran, specialists came to the conclusion that green tea, cumin and black tea have a very strong positive effect on weight loss.

Photo: Charles Haynes/Flickr.com
Photo: Charles Haynes/Flickr.com

A group of overweight women exercised regularly, whereas the other group consumed cumin besides exercising. The second group had considerably better results in losing weight than the members of the group who didn’t include cumin in their diet. According to experts, it is recommended to exercise regularly for eight weeks and add cumin in the daily diet.

Warning – expecting mothers and women who will undergo surgery in the near future should avoid cumin, as active ingredients in this spice reduce blood coagulation and blood sugar levels.