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A cure with freshly squeezed grape juice to detoxify the body and burn fat

Autumn is the best season for revitalization of the body and preparing for the winter. Must (freshly squeezed grape juice) cure is recognized for its detoxifying and regenerative effects.

During the detoxification process, you have to eliminate from your diet all foods of animal origin, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, coffee and chocolate.

The 10-day cure

Drink a glass of must half an hour before having a breakfast of wheat or oatmeal. For lunch, have steamed vegetables and fruit-based desserts (baked apples, for example). Once a day have a snack of white grapes and a mixture of prunes and dried apricots.

The 21-day cure

This cure is based especially on raw foods, so you have to be in good health to maintain this diet. Start and end your day with a large glass of must, and during the day eat a few bunches of white and red grapes.

What kind of must you should choose

Choose must from ripe grapes to avoid irritating the intestines. Must has laxative and diuretic effects, the latter being beneficial if you suffer from kidney problems or certain forms of rheumatism. Grapes are recommended in weight loss cures and during intense intellectual activity. Red grapes have stronger tonic qualities than white grapes.