A couple adopted two children. Here’s the touching moment when they meet for the first time

Increasingly more couples who can’t have children turn to adoption as an alternative solution. The young couple in the video adopted two children, and now they are approaching the place where they will meet them, and from where the little ones will be taken to a welcoming home in which they will feel loved and protected.

Photo: Capture YouTube

Photo: Capture YouTube

The moment when the parents and the children meet is a very emotional one, as the parents are ready hug the children with much love and tenderness.

The surprise comes when the children appear, and it turns out that they are a black girl and a boy from Ethiopia. Their smiles show their anticipation that they will become their new parents’ treasures from now on.

The photos shown at the end of the video demonstrate the love and harmony in the new family. The children are happy because they have gained wonderful parents who support them in every way and assure proper raising and education for them.


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