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A condiment that makes you hot and helps you losing weight

Even though it doesn’t have the most pleasant taste in the world, it’s worth introducing horseradish in your diet when the weather turns unpleasant. This root detoxifies your body, warms up your blood and helps you lose weight.


The story of horseradish starts in ancient times, as the Greek mythology proves it. According to a legend, one day the Delphi oracle disclosed it to the god Apollo that this slightly bitter and hot plant is worth its weight in gold.

A potent antioxidant

The antioxidant properties of horseradish have been known for thousands of years, and it was used to kill intestinal worms and to prevent infections. Today horseradish is used in alternative medicine as a trusted ingredient in strengthening the immune system, especially because of its rich Vitamin C content.

Goodbye, viruses!

A horseradish-based infusion will make a sore throat seem like it have been a bad and long forgotten dream. Horseradish tea works as a very potent expectorant. Also, if you have trouble with your joints, apply them on the sore areas in a hot compress.

Thinner and more beautiful

Because it is fat free and a potent diuretic, horseradish helps in weight loss. It is a great ingredient in salad dressings, and it gives a great flavor to pork or beef steaks. To make its strong taste more acceptable, add a teaspoon of honey to it.