A boy with Down-syndrome who teaches his adoptive family about unconditional love

The following story is a very touching example of unconditional love. This story should serve as an inspiration for all of us. If everybody behaved so humanely, honestly and without reserve, there wouldn’t be so much cruelty, selfishness and carelessness in the in this world.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

The story is about the Van Eerden family, and how they adopted the little Eddie. The family was enjoying a vacation in Ecuador, and the parents took their children with them to visit orphanages.

During one of these visits they met the little Eddie, who had been found in a bag by a carpenter besides a dump site. Eddie was placed in an orphanage, and he lived there until his future mother found him. She says it was love at first sight.

The child, who suffers from Down-syndrome, is the joy of the family, but he also of gives a lot to the local community and the churchgoers by treating everybody as a friend, and seeing only good things in people. This is why Eddie was called ambassador of love.

According to his adoptive mother, if somebody gets sick in the family, Eddie is the first one to bring pillows and blankets, whether the sick person needs these or not.

Simply by the way he is and he lives his life, he shows the way to Christ, says the happy mother.

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