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A blind and autistic boy impresses his audience singing “Lean on Me”

Christopher Duffley is a 14 year old child from New Hampshire who amazes us with his endless optimism. Despite the fact that he is blind and suffers from autism, he enjoys life very much, and he loves to sing and play the piano. This boy is certainly living proof that anyone can break through in life, even if his physical difficulties seem like unsurmountable obstacles at first.

A blind and autistic boy impresses his audience singing “Lean on Me”
Photo: Christopher Duffley/YouTube

Chris was born prematurely, weighing about 800 grams at birth and it was soon found out that he would remain blind due to a premature retina. The boy was left in an orphanage because his parents couldn’t afford to raise him, and later he was adopted by his aunt who taught him that it was possible to see everything around him by other means than through his eyes.

His first public appearance as a singer took place when he was in first grade at Northwest Elementary School in Manchester, New Hampshire. On this occasion, Christopher sang in front of his classmates, their families and many veterans at a Memorial Day assembly.

Later he sang the national anthem to thousands of fans in Fenway Park in July 2011, September 2013 and August 2015 and at a NASCAR race in September 2011. He already has two albums: “Eyes of My Heart” and “Believer”, by which he wants to inspire those around him, proving to them that despite his disabilities he has a satisfying life and is surrounded by people who love and appreciate him.

In the video, Christopher sings Bill Wither’s song “Lean on Me”, supported by 150 members of the World Outreach Church Kids Choir in Nashville, Tennessee. When the boy goes on stage, the audience in the hall applauds frantically, and when he starts to sing, everyone present is deeply touched. This little angel gives life to the song with his voice and his personality; he is full of love for life and people. It’s amazing how a child who observes the reality around him otherwise than by his own eyes can convey to all listeners so much positive emotion with his sensitive and warm voice.