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A beverage that may increase the risk of stroke

The risk of cerebral artery obstruction or stroke can be reduced by making good lifestyle choices.

Some foods or beverages may prove to be more harmful than others, but it should be emphasized that these usually only represent a real hazard when consumed in large quantities. However, this year’s studies have shown that certain popular drinks may increase the risk of a stroke, so it is risky to consume them regularly.

Diet soft drinks

Although diet soft drinks are considered to be less harmful to teeth because of their low sugar content and are preferred by many because of their low calorie content, they may not be the best choice, according to The Sun.

Various studies on artificial sweeteners have found that those who consume diet soft drinks regularly (more than two servings a day) increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

A beverage that may increase the risk of stroke

Other effects have also been investigated. Studies have shown that the risk of premature death is 16 percent higher than in people who never consume soft drinks. Their relationship between soft drinks and the development of dementia has also been studied, but further studies are needed to associate carbonated diet drinks with dementia.