A 90 year grandmother’s birthday party – men are lining up to dance with her

Many people already complain when they turn 50 that nothing really matters anymore, and they are so done with their lives. However, there are people who even at the age of 90 have big plans and dreams, and they are full of life.


The 90-year-old grandmother always loved dancing, and her birthday was just another occasion to a dancing party. Young and handsome dance partners kept arriving to dance with her, and the grandmother was unstoppable.

Phelps Jean Meloz always loved music, which is why she wanted her birthday party to not only be an occasion for the guests to gorge on cake, but to shake them up with some lively rhythms. There were all kinds of dances, rumba, foxtrot, tango and so on.

The liveliness, strength and charm of this grandmother are absolutely impressive. When the cake arrives, she lists her wishes: to be healthy, to live long, and to be able to dance for a long time.

This lovely old lady is certainly an example to follow.

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