A 9 year old boy was invited to play the banjo, but nobody was expecting such an interpretation!

“Sleepy Man Banjo Boys” is a band made up from three wonderful children who manage to delight us with their talent. Although still quite young, the three boys have learned to play their instruments with a lot of perseverance, and now they give quite a remarkable performance.

The band consists of banjo player Jonny Mizzone, aged 9 years, and his brothers, 13-year-old Robbie who plays the violin and Tommy, who plays the guitar. All were invited to “The Late Show” hosted by David Letterman, and they enlightened the audience with an amazing performance.

The boys play Earl Scruggs’ song entitled “Flint Hill Special” and they impress both the moderator and the audience with their innocence as well as with their mastery of the instruments. The youngest of them loves his special instrument, namely banjo, very much, but the instrument is a little difficult for him to handle given its size and weight. This however doesn’t prevent him from playing alongside his brothers.

These guys don’t use computer programs. They simply sing live, showing to everybody their hard work, passion and determination. No doubt their parents will support them to pursue a successful music career and the boys will know how to fulfill their dream of playing these instruments on the biggest stages of the world.

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