A 32 year old fox around the world

Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Bogota – these only a few of the places visited by the 32 years old Mr. Fox and his master, Jessica.


Jessica is 35 years old. When she was three, she got a plush fox that became her best friend for life. Gary, who gave her the fox, fell ill – the girl is now collecting donations for him.

’32 years ago, Gary Moore took me off the store shelf and gave me to a three year old girl. I had no idea then what adventures I will have! A year ago, Gary was diagnosed with cancer, and now I help collecting money so he can be cheered up with a world tour’, says the inscription on the fox.

The fox has visited the Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the Vatican; on one occasion, armed soldiers held him in their hands. Many years ago he had nice thick hair, but time took its toll: today he may seem a bit old. No wonder, as he is already 32 years old!








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