The 98 year old woman who did something that will bring back your faith in mankind

Nothing is impossible – teaches us this 98 year old woman, who moved every stone to be able to fulfill a promise she had made to her friend.


Evelyn’s story is a very touching one – not because she’s 98, and not because she did something huge. The reason why her story is remarkable is that she showed an example of friendship that makes us look for someone whose day we can make better.

The story goes as follows: Evelyn lost her driver’s license at 98. She lives in an old people’s home, from where there is no public transportation to the town. This means neither she nor her friend Joyce can go shopping. When the local bus line was cancelled, Evelyn’s friend felt that she was cut from the world. And Evelyn promised her that she would do everything she could to make their trips to the town possible again.

And she kept her promise. She knocked on every door to get back her driver’s license, and she passed all the exams. Then, she surprised Joyce with a shopping spree. Watch her story in the video!

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