At only 9 years old, this little girl has an unusual passion

Reptiles are among the most important living creatures on this earth, even though they manage to give us the creeps even through the glass of a terrarium, let alone in a direct encounter. However, there are people who love these creatures and even devote their life to their study.

At only 9 years old, this little girl has an unusual passion

Photo: Barcroft TV/YouTube

At an extremely young age, Krista Guarino, a little girl from Michigan, USA, is already a true expert in handling and training snakes. Her father, Jamie, is a renowned herpetologist, and he was the one who inspired his daughter’s passion, and who, above all, taught her not to be afraid of the reptiles.

Krista held a snake in her hands for the first time at the age of two, and now she takes care of over 30 reptiles, including several Anacondas and a four-foot python, all of which live in their family home. She eats, sleeps and plays with these creatures, and although she was bitten a few times, she firmly states that they were not at all painful. Fortunately the snakes that bit her were not poisonous.

Despite her young age, Krista already has great plans for the future, and they involve the opening of a zoo dedicated to reptiles. Also, she is very determined to do things that could change people’s perception of these creatures she adores.

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